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Made from surgical grade stainless steel, these pieces of bling for your booty have genuine Swarovski crystals in them. When these small-sized plugs are inserted, the crystal is exposed as a darling adornment for the posterior. Also available in blue, rose and aurora borealis (prism look). 

Genuine Swarovski Crystal and Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Pretty Plug
The finest you will find Anywhere at ANY price!  Don't be fooled by Imitations at cheaper prices.
Pretty Plugs - A naughty Toy with a hint of enchantment!
Not all plugs are created equal.
Swarovski crystal embellished pretty plugs are more like small pieces of deeply pleasurable, wearable art. The design of the plug is as classic as the sleek detail of a Roman column, with a touch of modern bling to entice the eye of the beholder.
These top-selling stainless steel plugs adorned with a sparkling, multi-faceted Genuine Swarovski Crystal round, are elegant and weighted to stay in place and to tantalize the prostate or g-spot in equal measure.
If properly positioned the can create a full body orgasm for a man without ejactulation, Thus prolonging those Passionate moments.
The highly polished and seamless stainless steel warms up or cools down for temperature play. This plug comes in a variety of sizes and crystal colors-- you'll want a different plug for every day of the week! Go to work with your plug firmly in place, run errands with a new spring in your step or stay at home and tempt your partner.
This uncommon plug is extraordinary in its simplicity and provides new platitudes of sensual pleasure.
Experience the Uniqueness!
Custom-manufactured, US-made stainless steel and Genuine Swarovski Crystal plugs are the ultimate new toy to add to your collection.
Guaranteed to excite and get you noticed. We know you are someone who is looking for the an experience which most others will never experience. Lucky for you, you found what you were looking for... our steel and crystal plugs,
No other sensual toy can rival the quality and pleasure you will experience from this product. Because it is manufactured in a facility that produces surgical instruments, including brain implants, these pretty plugs are made to exacting standards that are unrivaled anywhere in the world.
They slide in smoothly and lock in firmly because they are machined to within one thousandth of an inch and are polished to a mirror finish. These solid and heavy plugs have a feeling of opulence, quality and indulgence that is unrivaled in any sensual toy anywhere, at any price.
Why choose HAKA stainless steel crystal plugs:
*Pure Medical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
*Bacteria Resistant Genuine Swarovski Crystals not plastic or cheap glass immitations. *Machined by a medical instrument manufacturer. Let's face it, just because something is made of medical grade stainless steel doesn't mean anything if it is filled with burrs and sharp edges.
*Made in the USA to medical instrument standards. The plug you recieve is clean, smooth and beautiful. It is made to the same exacting standards that surgical instruments are held to.
*Wide base to anchor the plug in place for safety, comfort and ease of cleanup. *
Solid and Heavy
*Quickly Warms to Body Temberature

The aqua stone is as sinful as it is pure. Wear it to match piercing blue eyes or to compliment a sexy pair of lingerie. Either way the blue hues this stone gives off are sure to entice all parties involved.

The traditional northern light is taking a trip south with the Aurora Borealis stone. This sparkling crystal has hints of yellow, blue and green, making it an excellent choice.

This clear sparkling Swarovski crystal makes a spectacular gift for that special loved one. Imagine popping the big question with a different kind of jewel.

Some call it fuchsia, for others it is reminiscent of a ruby. It is a beautiful and rich color however you describe the hue this crystal gives off. This magical toy is sure to inspire moments of both pleasure and limitless bliss.

Warning !
To ensure uneventful, proper and safe passage through Airport Security.
Please remove All Pretty Plugs before hand.

*Our Small plug is great for beginners:
2.75" (7cm) x 1.125" (2.9cm) diameter at it's largest point
Weighing 6.6oz. (187g)
*Next is our Medium:
3.25" (8.3cm) x 1.375" (3.5cm) diameter at it's largest point
Weighing 9.5oz (270g)
*For the more adventurous, our Large:
3.75" (9.5cm) x 1.5" (3.8cm) diameter at it's largest point
Weighing a Full Pound 16oz (454g);

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